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Thread: Ordinances of Levi (ORD 1:57 OPE)

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    Default Ordinances of Levi (ORD 1:57 OPE)

    What are the dates, authorship, etc of the following. I have not found anything on this resource on the internet or in any of the usual places.

    1. the Ordinances of Levi (listed as Ord in OPE, OPG, and OPM). Is this related to the Aramaic Levi Document?

    2. the Zechariah Fragments (listed as Zef in OPE, OPG, and OPM).

    I especially need the dates and locations for getting more info. Maybe this is lying in plain site and I'm just missing it. Will appreciate your help.

    Gary D. Collier
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    If OPG or OPM are in your browse window, click on the "Version" tab and you can scroll down and find where the texts came from:
    Ordinances of Levi [ORD] Mount Athos, Monastery of Koutloumous, Codex 39 (cat. no. 3108).
    Zechariah Fragment [ZEF] Hermias Sozomenes., Hist. Eccl. 9.17.4-5 (PG 67.1629B). Codex Vindobensis gr. 77: 1.
    Is this what you are seeking?
    Mark Eddy

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