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Thread: Hebrew-LXX parallel display problem on Mac

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    Default Hebrew-LXX parallel display problem on Mac

    Here is what the window looks like on my Mac (High Sierra).
    I've just updated the Mac Installer from 10-41 to 10-42. The problem does not go away.
    Name:  Screenshot 2017-11-14 10.03.54.png
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    Martin Zhang

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    Martin, could you please try re-sizing the window (with both the inner sizing bars and the window sizing bars) to see if that sets things in the right place? There should be sizing handles at the highlighted points below:
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    There is a problem with resizing in this situation as well.
    Adjusting the heights of the inner window is not possible, because both highlighted areas in your attached screenshot are "covered" by the blank areas. I was able to adjust the width of the lexicon window. But I cannot adjust the Hebrew/LXX window. The resizing icon will not show up when I move the cursor close to the middle.

    resizing the entire window does not make the blank away. Here is a resized window.
    Name:  Screenshot 2017-11-15 09.54.00.png
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    Martin Zhang

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    Martin, could you please try this:
    1. Close BW
    2. Open the bw1000.ini file in a text editor.
    3. Find the lines that start with
    4. Copy those lines and post them here.
    5. Delete those lines from the bw1000.ini file, save the file, and close it.
    6. Start BW

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    Here you are:
    rctov=373 228 2291 1411
    rctovhor=707 365 711 1097
    rctovvert=0 361 1908 365
    rctovvertp=0 579 1908 583

    Deleting this has fixed the problem. It is back to normal now.
    Thanks a lot!
    Martin Zhang

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