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Thread: Finding participles and imperatives in same verse or sentence

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    Default Finding participles and imperatives in same verse or sentence

    I want to find all instances where there is a Greek participle in the same verse with an imperative (maybe "in the same sentence" would be better, but I think the search would get complicated).

    What I'm actually looking for is where the participle is subsidiary to the imperative verb. For my study I'm using Scrivener's TR (SCR w/o morphology, SCM with morphology tagging).

    What I want to do is find verses like James 5:14 with imperatives such as προσευξάσθωσαν ("let them pray", "they must pray") associated with participles such as αλειψαντες ("having anointed"). I may want to narrow the search to only 3rd person imperatives or only aorist infinitives, but my initial search would be broad.

    Is there a way to do this in BW10? How?

    Thank you!

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    I believe entering this on the Command Line will do the job:
    .*@vd* *@vp*

    The initial * in each string indicates "any lemma"; the @ indicates that what follows is a set of morphological codes; the concluding * indicates "all the possible following codes." Before you type that in (copying and pasting won't work, unfortunately), right-click in the Command Line and make sure you have Command Line Morphology Help checked. Then as you type you'll see options come up for each next code to be typed, and they'll give you an idea of why you're typing what you're typing.

    I tried this and it seemed to work (it definitely found James 5:14). In the whole NT, it found hits in 582 verses using NA28-M; using SCM it found 709. I don't know why the figures are so discrepant--perhaps some interesting research there? At any rate, yeah, you'll probably need to narrow it down! Hope this helps.
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    Default Thank you, David.

    Thanks, David,

    I'll try to work with this next week and see what I can come up with. Interesting about the widely divergent numbers of hits between the texts. Hmmm.


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