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Thread: Ideas for future development

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    Default Ideas for future development

    This thread is dedicated to discussing various ideas people have for the future development of BibleWorks. BibleWorks staff do occasionally read this thread but the purpose of the thread is discussion among users. If you want to formally submit a suggestion, click here.
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    Default Mmm..

    OK, so you've got a thread that will allow me to continually ask for a linux port..... cool!

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    Default File Format...

    OK gang, I've suggested this in the past; but I really think it would be a benefit to BW. Drop the rtf-based file format for the editor and adopt's zipped XML-based format. The files are smaller and more robust, and you'd not have to worry about M$ breaking the format.
    Here's the link of the site:

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    Talking Three versions

    If I get to make a wish list for additional versions, it would include:

    Holman Christian Standard Bible
    Modern Language Bible
    Rotherham Emphasized Bible
    And now... you know that!


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    Arrow New databases for BibleWorks

    I would love to have electronic copies [in BW] of
    The Good News Bible
    J B Phillips
    The Revised English Bible
    TNIV [coming out in print in February 05?]

    David McKay

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    Default Tniv

    Quote Originally Posted by Gontroppo
    I would love to have electronic copies [in BW] of
    The Good News Bible
    J B Phillips
    The Revised English Bible
    TNIV [coming out in print in February 05?]

    I've read almost all the TNIV NT, it's actually pretty nice. Last I heard BW was not pursuing having it because Zondervan is a bear to work with license-wise.

    I'd like to see the God's Word Translation included, it's pretty nice and the publishers are REALLY open to allowing electronic publishers to include the translation free of charge.

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    It would be helpful to have a way to change font sizes in the results window on the fly. This comes from using BW in the classroom: When I'm at my desk, I don't need Greek to be 24 pt font, but when I take the laptop into the classroom, I do. Right now, the only way I know to change the font is to open up the font dialog box, change the font size, then restart. I would much prefer to have a button or keyboard shortcut which will change the font right then and there without a restart.

    Michael Burer
    Dallas THeological Seminary

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    Default Wish list

    If I could change one thing about Bibleworks ...I would add hyperlinks from all the subsidiary windows, ie: dictionaries, lexicons and all the user notes.

    When everything else is so lightning fast, it's a shame that we still have to type in Bible references manually.

    If it works for the NET Bible notes, why not everything else?

    Grace and peace

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    Default Changing fonts on the fly

    Hi, Michael,

    I know the BW dialog says you have to restart BW for font changes to be implemented, but it's not true. The truth is if, after resetting the font size, move the Results Window verse up or down one verse, you will automatically get the new font size you desire.

    I've used this in the classroom and never had the program blink.

    Philip Brown

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    Default Font viewing suggestion

    I second the proposal to have an easier/quicker way to change font size in the results window. I also use BW hooked up to projection. I need at least 24pt for display purposes, but I want to quickly change back to 12pt when working on my own.

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