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    Question Paragraph Marks

    Perhaps I am missing something obvious, but I cannot find a paragraph feature for any of the versions on Bible Works (with the exception of the marginal masoretic notations in the Hebrew texts). Although section divisions seem to be presented through the "Outline Heading" feature, I fail to see any similar paragraph markers. Is there some way to view the paragraph divisions in the NIV, NASB, ESV, NLT, etc? Most exegesis begins with defining the limits of a passage, and the input of various translators and editors is a valuable resource for that task.


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    Default I don't think so

    I remeber this being asked before. I just noticed someone else posted a similar question last June and no one responded. (

    I am pretty sure that this is not available. It is not directly a limitation of BW. It is my understanding that the publishers do not supply this data with the files they give BW.

    Someone correct me if I am mistaken!
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    Question Copyright

    Is BibleWorks allowed to insert them, or is that a violation of copyright?


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