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Thread: Spanish interface for BW10! McClintock and Strong's massive Cyclopedia!

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    Default Spanish interface for BW10! McClintock and Strong's massive Cyclopedia!

    Hello, friends! Two free new updates for BibleWorks 10 users are available!

    1. BibleWorks 10 now has a Spanish interface, making BibleWorks more “user friendly” for Spanish-speaking pastors, students and scholars worldwide. With this update, most menus, buttons, tabs, and dialog boxes in BibleWorks 10 can be easily switched to appear in Spanish, making BibleWorks vastly easier to learn and use. See
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    2. In addition, McClintock and Strong's massive Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature is now available in the Dictionary Tab in BibleWorks 10. The 12-volume work contains nearly 50,000 articles covering the people, places and events of the Bible, and also theological concepts, heresies and creeds, ecclesiastical terms, and biographical sketches of notable religious figures throughout history – and much more! Wider in scope than most Bible dictionaries, the publishers intended it to be scholarly, yet without technical jargon – making it a valuable tool for students and pastors alike.

    You can download these free updates by going to the main BibleWorks menu and selecting

    Help | Check for updates
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    Spanish interface!!! Thank-you, thank-you, THANK-YOU!!

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    massive thanks for this massive cyclopedia!

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