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Thread: A Morphology Version That Just Displays the Greek?

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    Default A Morphology Version That Just Displays the Greek?

    I feel like I may be missing something obvious. I'd like to just click on any Greek word in the NA/LXX and have it give me a list of the verses that lemma appears in, in Greek. Is there a way to do this?

    Right now the only way I'm seeing that I can do that is to change to a "morphology" version with the English and all the codes after it, then when I'm done I have to click on the display language, switch everything back to the Greek and it's getting pretty tedious. I'd like to not have to switch anything back and forth between Greek and the English morphology version with all the tags every 30 seconds. I just want to look at the Greek and be able work with whatever tags I do or don't need from there. Am I missing something obvious?

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    Have you watched any of the tutorial videos? It sounds like you're lacking some basic grasp of how BibleWorks works. (I don't want to be rude by saying that, but you also don't want to keep hitting your head against the wall like this.)

    In the command line, type "d bgt esv" to display the BGT and ESV texts in the Browse Window.

    In the browse window, hover the mouse over whatever Greek word you want to do a lemma search on (in the BGT version) and then right click the mouse while on that word. In the context menu select "Search on Lemma"

    Otherwise, this method will work if you have a Greek text like BGT selected as search version, but in the Analysis Window click the Use tab. Within this tab keep in mind you can select different ranges in the Use tab with the context menu and you can also use the Options menu in the Use Tab to choose to show by Lemma or not.
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