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Thread: Changing fonts on Android tablet.

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    Default Changing fonts on Android tablet.

    I have just purchased a Lenovo tablet which operates with Android.

    Using the app, I have downloaded English (NIV, ESV), as well as the Greek and Hebrew texts from "youversion", in order to have them with me when I travel.

    However, the font for the Hebrew is - "poor".

    Unfortunately, I cannot find an easy way to change this font to make it more readable.

    Does anybody know of an "easy way" to change the font? And I do mean "easy" as I am not a tech person - which is why I only bought a tablet a month ago.

    Many thanks for your help.

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    This forum is for the BibleWorks software which does not run on Android. You should probably mention your issue to the creators of YouVersion to see if they can supply an alternative font for their product.

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    at the code level (if you have access), you can correct the "font" fields and set, for example, a more appropriate size or width of letters, because often this line is not edited, but is left standard

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