I'm trying to enter a Khmer document into Bibleworks. Khmer unicode is not supported, so I'm using a non-unicode font (Limon S1) that remaps Roman characters to Khmer characters, similar to the Bibleworks Greek and Hebrew fonts.

I'm running into problems with single quotation marks. Both the opening and closing single quotation marks ( and ) are used as Khmer characters.

There is no Khmer language setting. If I set the language to "English," Bibleworks changes the single quotation marks to ' , which makes the Khmer characters appear incorrectly.

If I set the language to "Other," then the single quotation marks are fine. However, this creates a different problem. When I do a word search, Bibleworks will often highlight both the search word AND the word previous. See screenshot below.

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If the language is set to English, then Bibleworks will (correctly) highlight only the search word.

Is there any way I can get the single quotation marks not changed, and also have the highlighting be correct?