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Thread: BibleWorks Lite? One more time...

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    Question BibleWorks Lite? One more time...

    Some years ago, someone asked about "BW Lite", and I would like to revisit that thought.

    There is now "Accordance Lite", which is free (!) and has a decent number of modern language resources bundled.

    While it is really with the original language tools that BWks shines, it would still be useful to have a lite/student version available at a reasonable cost -- or even free (!). My hunch is that this is a genuine f.a.q., but I can't seem to track down earlier discussions.

    My use case: university instructor, wanting to put this tool in the hands of students rather than the (more expensive) Accordance, or the (words fail me) Logos family (which I have fairly strong views about that I won't ventilate here).

    Any thoughts or responses on this would be gratefully received.
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    Thanks to Jim Barr for pointing me the entry on this question in the BibleWorks knowledgebase. Essentially, the main points are:

    • a "lite" version would necessarily be a poorer version;
    • which features to omit is countintuitive financially, and hard to predict for users; and
    • maintenance of a "lite" version would have the effect of driving up costs overall.

    I'm convinced! The BibleWorks vision is one that resonates with me, and the KB response helps to explain why a "lite" BWks isn't so appealing as it might first appear.

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    Good thoughts, though. BW gives students pretty good bang for the buck when compared with similar programs.
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