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Thread: BW won't initialize! Help!

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    Default BW won't initialize! Help!

    Hey folks. I just downloaded BW 10 for my seminary classes, and I'm having trouble getting started. I downloaded the program and ran the installer. BW10 shows up in my Applications folder. When I try to open it, I get a pop-up window telling me that "Bibleworks needs to update my Adobe Flash Player Installation". When I click Yes, the pop-up disappears, and a new pop-up opens up that says "initializing Flash". Once this pop-up disappears, nothing else happens. The BW icon stays on my toolbar, but is non-responsive. It's been multiple days of this, and I can't get BW to take any steps beyond this point.

    I have uninstalled and re-installed Adobe Flash Player with the approved uninstaller, twice. I have tinkered with every part of BW that I can get my hands on, then re-installed it. I'm at a loss, and I have homework due. Any ideas?

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    Odd... (BTW, assuming here that you are running on a modern Windows version?)

    According to the BW10 Help File:
    Check Flash Version on Startup
    If this option is enabled the program will check for the current Adobe Flash version on startup (one time only with new INI file). With BibleWorks 10 this is no longer on by default because the base package no longer has videos. They are all online now.

    >> I.e., BW10 doesn't need Flash, and so by default, it shouldn't be bothering to check for it. The option to enable it is turned on within the program.
    1) When you installed BW10, did you perhaps enable something to check for Flash? If so, try running the BW10 install again.
    2) Did you try saying "No" when it asks to update Flash?
    3) I'm not finding anywhere in the BW10 initialization files to even check for Flash... Try this: Hold down the SHIFT key as you double-click to start BW. It will ask to run a BW program and allow it. You'll get a popup w/ lots of options. Since it sounds like you've never even gotten into the program yet, you're pretty safe to try anything. I'd start w/ Option 1 and check the 3 boxes with INI changes. I've never tried option 2. I don't think option 3 will help since you don't have a previous checkpoint.
    4) Call BW Tech Support!
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    You'll want to contact customer service [], but I advise you try these steps:

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