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I can not find any hint to a Verse Map File after installing the new Weiss-Version. Where do I find that feature in BW? Using BW9.
Once installed, the verse map files automatically work, so that the correct verse of all versions display in the browse window together. You do not have to "find that feature."
However, you can edit verse maps by clicking on the "gear" icon (in BW10) or the "wrench" icon (in earlier versions of BW), and in the BW Options Window section "Bible Versions" click on "Verse Maps" and you can locate any version installed on your computer (listed by language) in order to see what verses are mapped together, meaning that at least part of the verses are included in a different verse number from the verse number in the original language version to which all versions are "mapped."
More information on how this works is in Help chapter 66.
Mark Eddy