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Thread: I'm being asked to activate a my user-created module?!

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    Default I'm being asked to activate a my user-created module?!


    I'm trying my hand at creating a User Module. With one of the ICC commentaries that are public domain.

    I'm following the steps here ( But, when I try to open the resource in BW10 I get this message: "The resource file xxxx is installed but it has not been activated. Would you like to activate it now?"

    I don't think I should be getting this message. Help?! If I click 'yes' it takes me to the 'activation manager' but my module is not listed there.

    Thanks for any support!

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    Just getting started with fantasy Grounds, I ran one adventure from PF2 on FG so far, and was lots of fun, and I cannot believe I lived so long without a VTT. My question is, we are going to run a 5e game, and I bought the 5e Essentials bundle. My question is, when looking in the library do I just load them all, or do I only load the players one for my players to see when they are connected(I have an ultimate and they are all running demo accounts). DO I need to load everything in the library so I can see it while running the game? I want to make it so they can see all they need to create the character with drag and Kodi nox drop support?

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