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Thread: ESV Study Bible missing from BW9 install

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    Default ESV Study Bible missing from BW9 install

    I installed a copy of BW9 on a new computer. I entered the authorization codes, including for the ESV Study Bible, which I purchased and have a valid license for. I went through the entire install.

    The ESVSB appears on the Verse tab in the resources menu on my old laptop. It does not appear in the new install on my new computer. I checked the verse tab.

    I have asked this question in another thread, but received no answer. I'm starting a new thread in the hopes that someone can let me know if this is a bug, or if there are additional steps I need to complete in order to load the software I purchased.

    How do I get the ESVSB to show up on my new computer?


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    I thought someone had answered your question. Check under the "File" "Activation Manager" and see if there is a code listed for the ESV Study Bible. And make sure that it has been activated. If not, check with support. I had to deleted BW10 last year and start from scratch, and for some reason some of my unlock codes were not in the proper file (or something), and support had to send me new unlock codes.
    Mark Eddy

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    It was "file" and "Activate Database," but yes that worked. I had a lot of stuff not activated. Thanks.

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