On my IMac 27 " I have BWorks 10 version 10-19. On my laptop I have BWorks 10-34. On my IMac version I can right click on a word in Greek or Hebrew and a pop up window appears allowing me to choose options like search lemma. However, on my laptop BWorks version, when I try to right click on a Greek or Hebrew word no pop up window appears. In fact quite briefly a circle with a diagonal line appears. Very frustrated that this feature is not working. Now to do my own troubleshooting, I tried the same procedures on my IMac repeatedly and on both my 15 MacBook Pro and my 11' MacBook Air. I even went to BibleWorks on YouTube and watched the videos. The one I watched showed the right click technique. So, can someone tell me what is going with my laptop 10-34 version? Too bad that there is no call in tech service. I have a Hebrew class at the seminary, and I'd like to have this issue resolved. Thanks so much Feel free to email me at technorevcf@gmail.com

The TechnoRev