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Thread: Compare different verses of parallel passages (i.e., harmony of gospels)

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    Default Compare different verses of parallel passages (i.e., harmony of gospels)

    I would like to, for example, compare the Scrivener's (SCR) text for Mark 15:20 with the Scrivener's text for Matthew 27:31 (it's the parallel passage). I would like BW to highlight the differences.

    Actually what I'd rather be able to see is a harmony of the gospels with all four listed (when relevant) and be able to have it show me the differences (highlighted) based on which ever one I mark as the "base" or one to compare against. Is that possible?

    I'm using BW10.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    To the best of my knowledge there is no simple way to do what you want to do. I think that this has been raised a number of times.

    I can think of two ways to (sort of) do what you want.

    (1) In this thread ( I described a complicated way to use the BW compare versions capability.
    (2) For an individual verse, you can use the "Phrase Matching Tool". If you set both search and display versions to SCR, set "Phrase length" to 2 words, and, using right click in the left display pane, set "Sort results verse with most phrases" you will get something close to what you want for one verse.

    The kind of highlighting you want would be a very nice enhancement to the "Synopsis Tool". You might want to submit it as a suggestion/request to BW.

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    Default I'll try that.

    Thank you, Jim, for a helpful response. I'll try the one-verse-at-a-time method as soon as I have time.

    I appreciate your help!

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    Another partial way to see what you want (without highlighting) is to edit one of the Synopsis Tool files (e.g. Aland Greek) and change your search and display versions to SCR (instead of BGT). That way you would see more than one verse at a time. But you would be eyeballing everything to catch differences. If you do edit the Aland Greek file, you would probably want to save it with a different name).
    Mark Eddy

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    Thank you, Mark. I was trying to avoid the need to "eyeball" it and have the detail work done by the program. However, what you suggested is an option.

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