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    I am curious about Bible Work's capability in block diagramming, either with features of the software or resources that are available. I am not interested in line/sentence diagramming, which I know has been done for the entire NT in Bible Works. Rather, I want to be able to see the major divisions of a passage, broken down into clauses and phrases. Is Bible Works able to do this? Is there a feature that allows you to do it yourself? Is there a resource that has done it for you?

    Any help along these lines would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

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    Default Not Yet, but I've been asking for it for a while.

    I've asked for this functionality in BW11. As of yet, BW has not seen enough demand. For my part, I've done a search and replace of all conjunctions to make them all bold. Then, when I copy the text into Notability, it's easier to quickly format off the bold text. This works well on an iPad, since then I can put my chicken scratch on it.

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    If you like that kind of analysis, don't forget to check out the BW resource MacDonald Greek Transcription (under Resources: Miscellaneous).
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    For my 2 cents' worth, there are 2 disadvantages to having such a resource in BW: it would be very labor-intensive for someone to do; and that someone would already have done it. Unlike grammatical diagramming, there are a lot of subjective decisions to be made in this kind of work, and IMHO people studying the text will learn much more by doing it themselves rather than using a "canned" diagram. Even the places where it's obvious offer great opportunities for learning how Paul, for instance, tends to structure his sentences and his arguments.
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    Thank you everyone for your replies, it is much appreciated!

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    Default Mostly Agree David

    Quote Originally Posted by DavidR View Post
    For my 2 cents' worth, ... IMHO people studying the text will learn much more by doing it themselves rather than using a "canned" diagram.
    I totally agree with this sentiment. There are no shortcuts to getting a good grasp of the text. However, the update I'd like to see in BW11 is mostly in allowing a new line of return character to be added in front of a conjunction as a part of the 'Apply Color to Search Results' tool. When breaking the text down by basic conjunctions, there really isn't any deep thought process going on at that point, but it is very time consuming to find each conjunction, place your cursor in front of it, and the hit return. Over long passages of Scripture, it would be nice to have that automated. Technically, I could come up with a script for this in Word, but if many of the seminaries are training students to work with the text this way now, why not, as one of the premier Bible software platforms, provide a solution that will fit their needs?

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