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Thread: Table of instances of lexeme within range + English translation

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    Default Table of instances of lexeme within range + English translation

    I would like to define a range of the KJV text and get a list of each underlying word used and its translations. Something like this (sorted by underlying word in the order of their first appearance in the range). Usually my range will be a chapter or, at most, a book. Attached is a screenshot of what I'd like (I've skipped over some underlying words, of course, just to show what I'm thinking of, thus the ellipses). Maybe something like this is possible?

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    Ideally, what I'd like is for BW to give me a table with these items with only underlying words that are used more than once in the range but are translated differently. Alternatively, an intermediary table that provided the user the option of clicking checkmarks next to the lines he wants to create a report from would be good.

    (I realize that such automated output will be imperfect due to tagging issues and the fact that one Hebrew/Greek word may be rendered by more than one English word and vice versa. Nonetheless, I'd like to see what I could get if there's a way to do it.)

    I have had BW10 for quite a while, but I don't use it much. It occurred to me that this might be something that could easily be done in BibleWorks.

    Thanks for any help you can offer!
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