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Thread: Vulgata tagged with Latin Lexicons

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    Default Vulgata tagged with Latin Lexicons

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    in VS1_TAB

    MENUNAME &Text Criticism
    MENU Vulgata tagged
    DESCRIPTION <b>Latin Vulgate, <i>tagged with a Latin Lexicon

    VERSION vcl-92 (supporting text) Textum Clementinum ex editione anni 1592 Lectiones variantes (Vulgatae editionis 1593,1598 et Correctoria Romana 1592, 1593 et 1598) formatted in end notes)

    Version tagged VUL

    Latin lexicons in Public Domain:
    Charlton T. Lewis; Charles Short - A Latin Dictionary, 1879
    Harden, J. M. - Dictionary of the Vulgate New Testament, 1921

    Works in progress:

    Vulgata (VUL) (only Genesis tagged with Lexicons):

    VCL-92 (supporting text) bible text from Genesis to Revelation + Genesis (VUL) tagged with Lexicons):
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    Thank you once again, Pasquale!

    Just a reminder to others: You need to unzip the files into your /databases subdirectory. (You many need to use the free 7-Zip to unzip them.)
    This resource is a bit different than simply a tagged text. Note that you need to open the Vs1 (or Vs2) tab and then choose the "Latin Vulgate, Tagged with a Latin Lexicon from the dropdown. For now, only Genesis is available. You can click on the analyzed root in the Vs tab, and it will bring you to definitions from Lewis/Short and Harden. Use the back button (at top right of Vs tab) to get back to the full verse display.

    Very nice work, Pasquale!
    Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman
    Glatfelter Professor of Biblical Studies
    United Lutheran Seminary at Gettysburg & Philadelphia -
    Biblical Studies and Technological Tools

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