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Thread: UserLex: Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon by Friedrich Wilhelm Gesenius

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    Default UserLex: Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon by Friedrich Wilhelm Gesenius

    I have formatted for BW 10 "Gesenius UserLex":

    about 9000 hebrew words from Gesenius Lexicon, public domain.

    Instructions: Download the file and unzip it to the BibleWorks 10\UserLex\ folder. Already in that folder there should be a folder called \default\; the Strong UserLex files that you will unzip should be parallel to this \default\ folder, not put into the \default\ folder itself as a subfolder. Once you have done that, restart BibleWorks 10. In the Resources Window you can activate this UserLexicon by selection the Options menu in the UserLex tab and then Change user lexicon folder. Select the GeseniusUserLex folder and you will be good to go. Whenever you mouse over an Hebrew word in the Browse Window, the UserLex tab will be populated with Hebrew lexicon entry.

    Link download:

    Credit to Eliran Wong (
    Creative Commons License
    Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License
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    Pasquale does it again! Excellent! Grazie!
    To clarify a few things with Pasquale's instructions:
    • The file is a 7z compressed file. You may need to install the free 7-zip program in order to extract the files. (For Windows users, once you've installed the program, find Pasquale's downloaded 7z file, and right click. You should see the option for 7-zip and extracting.
    • Just point the extraction to the BibleWorks 10\UserLex\ folder. Pasquale has it set so that it will create the proper GeseniusUserLex subfolder.
    • In BW10, choose the UserLex tab > Options > Change User Lexicon folder. Simply choose the GeseniusUserLex folder (not one of the English/Greek/Hebrew subfolders).
    • In order to display the Gesenius info, you need to have a Hebrew version like WTT open in the Browse window and pass your mouse over a Hebrew word.

    Thanks again to Pasquale!
    Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman
    Glatfelter Professor of Biblical Studies
    United Lutheran Seminary at Gettysburg & Philadelphia -
    Biblical Studies and Technological Tools

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    Thumbs up Kudos to Pasquale!!!!

    Wow!!! Great job Pasquale!!! Thank you so much for this valuable asset added to a FANTASTIC BIBLE PROGRAM!! Gilbert

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    Dittos. BTW the WinZip program also unzips the files just fine (as far as I looked).
    Mark Eddy

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    I have run into one problem with this very nice user addition.

    BW10's User Lex looks for, or creates, a file whose name is the lemma being moused over.
    WTM seems to use un-pointed lemmas for verbs, pointed lemmas for other parts of speech. The files in the Gesenius UserLex seem to have all file names pointed.
    I find that I get entries for most non-verbs, but never get entries for verbs. The most straightforward work-around is to look those entries up another way, such as using a BW Editor window to look in the Gesenius UserLex directory. This doesn't work too well for me, since I don't know the Hebrew alphabet.


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    Hi Jim,
    in my mind UserLex consists in raw material that each draws up how want.
    I do not know much Hebrew and I did not check the details yourself noticed.
    I had the lexicon in 8643 rtf file . I cleaned the text so the Hebrew lemma was the first word in the RTF file, and then I made a macro that renamed all files with the lemma of the first Hebrew word in the text. After I changed the file extension in bww.

    Ciao Pasquale
    Thanks to all
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