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Thread: How Can I Help to Get a New English Translation into Bibleworks

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    Default How Can I Help to Get a New English Translation into Bibleworks

    I skimmed through the instructions in BW10 Help file for creating a "user-module". However, this looks like it would be helpful if I were creating a commentary resource (in Windows Help File format) for BW10 that would appear in the resources tab.

    Is there a tutorial available that would enable me to create a file or series of files that would enable a BW10 user to add the English Bible Translation to their "Browse Window" so that it could be viewed verse by verse in parallel with the other translations and versions of the Bible in that window?

    If this is not possible, what is the process in requesting that the programmers of Bibleworks consider adding a new English Bible translation to their current collection?

    I'm very interested in the work of the Wartburg Project that will be publishing the new "The Holy Bible - Evangelical Heritage Version." I know that they have already started discussions with Faithlife to get the translation into Logos in the near future, and I would like Bibleworks users to have the same access to this translation.

    You can find out more about this project to translate the Bible from the original Hebrew and Greek at

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    If you want to create a version for your personal use that will display in the browse window, see Chapter 66 "Compiling Version Databases" of BW10's online help. You probably were looking at Chapter 67 "Custom Modules".

    My understanding is that you can create a version for you own use without violating copyright laws; if the translation is copyrighted, you need the owner's permission to distribute it to other people.


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