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    So, I really need someone's help here. I have tried various ways to look for a disjunctive waw (i.e waw + nominal element) to no avail. Anyone have the code for that? That you so much for your help in advance.



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    Quote Originally Posted by bufctiReal View Post
    ... I have tried various ways to look for a disjunctive waw (i.e waw + nominal element)...
    The following will find every occurrence were Waw is immediately followed by non-verbs:
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    However. whether or not these are all to be considered disjunctive Waw(s) is another issue.

    A starting point is provided by T. O. Lambdin, who analyzes clauses joined by wę into two types.
    (1) conjunctive-sequential, in which the second clause is temporally or logically posterior or consequent to the first, and
    (2) disjunctive, in which the second clause may be in various relations, all nonsequential, with the first.
    The major device in Hebrew for signalling the difference between conjunctive and disjunctive clauses is the type of word which stands immediately after the wę-:
    wę- (or wa-) + verb is conjunctive [-sequential]
    wę- + non-verb is disjunctive.8
    We have already seen that waw + the suffix conjugation can be purely conjunctive (32.3)9 and that relative waw with the verb can be epexegetical (32.2.3e, 33.2.2). To the two uses of wę/wa joining clauses cited by Lambdin, we accordingly add epexegetical and conjunctive.10
    An Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax, Bruce K. Waltke and M. O'Connor Eisenbrauns: Winona Lake, Indiana 1990 (cut and paste from the digital version found in BibleWorks 10)
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