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Thread: Making minor changes in NIVO database

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    Default Making minor changes in NIVO database

    The NIV translators have a habit that I personally do not like.

    They often use two "--" when I would much prefer a comma (again, this is a personal preference).

    For instance, in John 15:16 we read, "You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit--fruit that will last".

    I would much prefer to read this as "You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last".

    To me, this is more visually appealing.

    Two questions:

    1) Is it legal to make a minor change in the databases to replace all of the "--" with a ", "?

    2) If it is legal, then how would I go about doing this?

    Many thanks for your help.

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    Hi jimofbentley,

    1) Is it legal to write corrections, changes in your paper copy? Is it legal to quote in a Church bulletin with changed punctuation? My take is that for personal use you may do whatever you want. I would strongly recommend creating a new version, rather than changing the NIVO in place, for reasons of mental hygiene. I always fear loosing information, and should your change go bad, you would have destroyed the base data.

    2) It is possible (I have made my own corrected copies for several versions that BW hasn't gotten around to correcting yet), actually not all that difficult if you work carefully. Some of my suggestions are based on personal habits, quirks, but I am arrogant enough to think my way is right. I'm assuming a windows environment -- I expect it should also be possible with Apple, but you would have to do the translation. I'm working in BW10; everything I say should apply also to 7-9, but you may need to translate a bit. The BW help is good, but daunting and somewhat patchy. Tools/Importing-Exporting Information/Version Database Compiler, mouse over the compiler window and F1 for the help. (Please forgive me when I go into insulting detail.)

    1. Make a new folder in your BibleWorks 10/userdb/ folder, giving it the new version name (maybe something like NIVjob).
    2. In BibleWorks: Tools/Importing-Exporting Information/Export Database. Select NIVO (you can do it by typing the name). Click on Reset Range button to make sure it will use the full version. Check the box Export notes and cross references if you want your version to have them.
      Click on OK.
      For Save as type: select CCAT Format (*.cat). Text (*.txt) might work too, but this guarantees that you get a file that the BW compiler likes.
      Change File name: from nivo to your new version name (from here on I will use NIVjob; substitute your choice).
      For Save in: choose your new folder (BibleWorks 10/userdb/NIVjob)
      Click on Save.
    3. Using your file manager, such as Window Explorer, change the exported file type to .txt ( to NIVjob.txt) Ignore the message warning of catastrophe ahead if you change a file type and bravely change it. This will allow your text editor to recognize it as a text file.
      Use the editor of your choice (I usually use SPFLite or LibreOffice Writer to edit these files, but something like Word should work fine. Just be sure to save it as a .txt file; most editors want to save it in their own special format with all kinds of fancy formatting. The BW version compiler gets indigestion from such files.
      Edit the exported (now .txt) file, changing the double hyphens to commas. (Use an editor that has a "change all" function once you've established that it can make a few individual changes ok.
    4. Copy (do NOT move) the following files from BibleWorks 10\databases to BibleWorks 10/userdb/NIVjob:
      nivo.vmf, and rename it to nivjob.vmf
      nivo.bww, and rename it to nivjob.bww
      NIVO.dbu, and rename it to NIVjob.ddf (yes, DO change the file type)
    5. Now copy nivjob.vmf and nivjob.bww back to BibleWorks 10\databases
      nivjob.vmf, the verse mapping file, means that when you compile your new version its verses will match up (especially noticable with WTT in Psalms).
    6. In BibleWorks: Tools/Importing-Exporting Information/Version Database Compiler.
      For box 1. Database Description File (DDF) click Open button. Choose your NIVjob.ddf file.
      For box 2. Database Raw Text File click Browse button. Choose your edited nivjob.txt file.
      In the Description box type a short label.
      In the Version ID box change the ID from NIVO to your new id (NIVJOB) THIS IS IMPORTANT. Otherwise you will overwrite the NIVO version database.

      If you did not export notes and crossreferences change End Notes to No Notes, and untick Has X-Refs.
      If Has X-Refs is ticked, a new X-Ref will be created that will show up in the X-Refs Tab of the Analysis Window. I'd suggest unticking it; It will be a duplicate of the NIVO one already there, and creating it slows down the compiler. And the xrefs will still show up in the Analysis Tab of the Analysis Window anyway.

      Make sure that Input in CCAT Format is selected.
      Make sure that Install after Compiling is ticked.
      Click Compile button.
    7. When prompted, restart BibleWorks
    8. When NIVJOB is displayed in your Browse Window, right click on NIVJOB and select Edit Version Notes for this Version. This opens the copyright and source information in BW editor so you can document the changes you made for future reference.

    My wife is calling me to help with lunch, so I haven't proofed this as carefully as I should.

    Good Luck,

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