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    Question Missing Display Versions

    My old BibleWorks 8 had a large number of Bible versions in many languages. My BW 10 is missing a lot of the former versions: Russian, French, Portuguese, etc. I currently see only English, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, and Spanish. Where are all the other languages? "Choose Display Versions" leaves out everything else. How do I access the many language versions I used to have on the older BW?

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    I guess they weren't installed during the installation process. To add them, you may try running your installation disc/file, choosing there "Install/Reconfigure" and later in the process "Modify", where you can add the desired languages.
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    After posting my question, I reinserted my thumb drive installer and went to "Modify." That path brought be to a full list of languages for Bible versions that showed what I had previously selected and everything I had not selected. I added the languages I wanted to add and continued the installation. After restart the ones I needed showed up in the list and I selected the added versions I wanted for display. Problem solved. Lesson: When in doubt, return to installation thumb drive.

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