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Thread: Coverdale Psalter

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    Default Coverdale Psalter

    Has anyone imported the Coverdale Psalter -- the version used in the classical Anglican Books of Common Prayer. I see that someone made the entire Coverdale Bible available a few years ago, but that file has been withdrawn.

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    The Coverdale is probably the best translation poetically. Many newer translations are much drier, forgetting that Psalms are, in fact, songs. It's like the KJV versus newer translations; the KJV captures the poetry far better than, say, the NRSV Speed Test does.

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    Default Humans are like icebergs except

    Humans are like icebergs except even more of who we really are is hidden from view, stories help us to see these inner worlds so they are not escapism but the opposite, it is ignoring others humanity that is escapist.

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