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Thread: Does BibleWorks 7 work in Windows 10?

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    Default Does BibleWorks 7 work in Windows 10?

    Does BibleWorks 7 work in Windows 10? The Installation DVDs are from 2008 and work in Windows 7.

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    I do not know how many people are still using BW7, but since no one answered you yet, let me just say what I know.
    BibleWorks 10 works on older versions of Windows (XP and 7) as well as on Windows 8 and 10. There are a few things which work differently on XP from how they work on Windows 10. So I would suspect that you might come across some of those if you try to install BW7 on Windows 10. Try it, and let everyone else know how it works. If it does not work, at worst all you have to do is uninstall it. If it works, you will save yourself a few hundred dollars of having to purchase BibleWorks 10. But if you can afford it, I am sure that BibleWorks 10 would be a very welcome upgrade for you.
    Mark Eddy

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    Default Running BibleWorks 7 on Windows 10

    Yes, BibleWorks 7 will run on Windows 10. However, you need to follow the instructions listed at our support site prior to the installation. Here is the link:

    Please keep in mind that the forums are not necessarily frequented by our support staff, and so they may never see your support request. If you need support of this nature, it is best to contact our support staff directly. You can contact them through the Support section of the BibleWorks website.

    Glenn Weaver

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