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Thread: BW App in Windows 10

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    Default BW App in Windows 10

    Recently I upgraded to Windows 10. Is there an app for BW 9 that I can use, rather than open BW from an icon in my taskbar? Please help. Thanks!
    Noel Fitzpatrick

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    You won't find a Bibleworks app in the Windows 10 App Store, but in Windows 10 you can create a tile in the start menu for any application that is installed on your computer. If you already have Bibleworks installed than follow these instructions to get Bibleworks as a tile in the start menu.
    1. Open your start menu
    2. Click on "All Apps"
    3. Scroll Down to the Bibleworks Folder, and open the folder
    4. Left Click and hold down the left mouse or track pad button on the Bibleworks Application Icon
    5. Move the mouse pointer (still holding down the left button) over the start menu, you should see a tile that you can drop onto the start menu wherever you would like it to stay.
    6. When you have it in the right spot release the left button.

    I hope that helps.

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    many thanks for your immediate reply.
    It recommends what I already did and I can get BW website, manual and reconfigure, but not BW itself. I am scared to try to reconfigure BW, as I may lose some extra options. Should I? I can still open BW from the icon in my taskbar, but I would like to use an app.
    Noel Fitzpatrick

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    That seems strange. I use Win10 on two different laptops. When I open "All Apps" I have the Bibleworks folder. It does have those other links that you mentioned, but the first link in the folder is the application icon. That is the icon that I moved over into the start menu. It sounds like yours got deleted somehow.

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