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Thread: Increase font size in BW 9

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    Default Increase font size in BW 9

    How do I increase font size in BW 9?
    I see I should open BW > Tools >Options > Font.
    But when I open Options I do not see anything with fonts.
    Please help.
    Noel Fitzpatrick

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    You seem to be looking in the correct place. On the far left of the Options window dialog you should see "General" a listing called "Fonts".

    When you click on "Fonts" under "General" on the far left, the options window dialog should open up a dialog to change all of the display fonts and their sizes for different languages like English, Greek, Hebrew... fonts with their current sizes like 10, 12, 18... If you would like the fonts displayed to be larger than you would increase the font size for English as an example, you could change the Arial font from 10 to 14. Notice that you will need to change the toggle switch on the upper left corner of this dialog to change the font displayed in the "Search" "Browse" or "Analysis" windows.

    I hope that helps.

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    many thanks for your clear, expert and concise reply.
    I was embarrassed to ask such as simple question, but I was frustrated as I spent ages trying to resolve my problem. Your reply solved it excellently.
    I really am most grateful.
    Noel Fitzpatrick

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    Default font size of the windows option

    When I try to configure my options in options windows, I don't have access to all the texte. The font siz is too big. How to decrease this font size

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