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    My grandfather (KNT) gave me digital files for his paraphrase of the Living Bible before he died ten years ago. However, the files are formatted for Ventura, a typesetting tool. Does anyone know of any programs out there that would help me convert these files into BW's formatting? See attached for sample file and css like definitions.

    TLB CSS.doc

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    What I have done before is use WordPad and do a lot of "Replace all" so that you get it to look correct. Some of the formatting (e.g. different lines within a verse, varying indentation) will not work for a regular, searchable Bible version in BW. What a couple German versions have done is add a slash / to notify us that they want a poetic line break there. If you want to keep different indentations, you might use a system of double slashes for greater indent. Other than doing this by "Replace all" I know of no program which does this. But others are more up on software than I.
    God bless your efforts.
    Mark Eddy

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