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    Recommended Workflow:

    If you have a Mac and an iPad, I highly recommend BW10 and Notability!

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    Default BW On iPad

    How do you get BW on an iPad? My wife has an iPad, and if there's a way to put BW on it, I'm going to hijack it for a little while while she's not looking and put it on there.

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    Default I Wish!

    Quote Originally Posted by Adelphos View Post
    How do you get BW on an iPad?
    Sorry for the confusion. Since Notability works on both the Mac and the iPad, I copy the text into Notability on the Mac. Then I format the text on the Mac and copy my Greek text as an image into Notability on the Mac as well. Finally, I open Notability on my iPad and begin annotating, etc.

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    Default Wow!!!

    You guys sure know how to get a fellows heart pumping. I thought you found a way to put BW10 on an iPad.

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    Notability Mac app is pretty decent for annotating and syncing.
    I take the notes on an iPad pro and sometimes review them on a Mac. A XPPen drawing pad is useful for that. As a standalone Id rather have OneNote.

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