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Thread: Search crashes BW

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    Default Search crashes BW

    I'm running a search correlating various forms of Y-SH-Ayin with forms of save/salvation/savior in the KJV. However, it's doing odd things. When I first run it, it tells me the inclusion/exclusion list can't be empty (it's not.) Then it crashes.

    I've attached the search.YSHA.qfYSHA.qf

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    This is a really strange one.

    I am using window 7, BW

    I tried your query, and BW crashed. Every time that I tried to construct a GSE query using an inclusion list BW crashed.

    So I restored an older executable, and I could create and run GSE queries with inclusion lists.
    I tried several recent executables; all worked.
    So I restored the current one ( and it worked OK this time!

    The query you posted is badly corrupted -- both the WTM inclusion list and the KJV list have garbage in them, but when I ran the query after restoring the executable, it ran with a whole bunch of messages about non-existent words, and found nothing (as it should have given the garbage it was looking for) but it didn't crash.

    Quite disturbing. In my restores I only restored the executable, left the Initialization and Context files alone. Makes it seem like your query managed to corrupt the executable -- scary thought.

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    I'm on Mac, but I've recreated it from scratch on my laptop, and it still crashes it. Very odd indeed.

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    Default GSE crashes BW with IEL search

    Yesterday, while using Win 8.1 with BW10.0.4.77, I found that the use of inclusion/exclusion lists in the GSE consistently produced problems (IEL corrupting after running the search) and led to BibleWorks crashing. I was working with a range of Greek texts. After some experimentation I reverted to which works fine.

    John Kendall

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    Aha. This should be fixed in an update later today!

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