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Thread: Current Verse highlighting in Analysis tab

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    Default Current Verse highlighting in Analysis tab

    Is there an option to turn on current verse highlighting in the Analysis Window > Analysis tab?

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    If I understand your question, the short answer is "no." If you want to see one of the lexicon entries with the current verse reference highlighted, you need to right click on the word you want to look up in the lexicon, choose "Look up lemma in lexicon browser" and BW will open the lexicon browser (floating) window. As you look through that entry, you will find that the current verse hyperlink is not highlighted in the same color as the rest of the hyperlinked verses. On my computer the current verse will be bold (black) while the other biblical references are in blue.
    One caution: The beauty of BibleWorks is that you can quickly look up all examples of a given lemma while looking at the possible lexical definitions for it, then make up your own mind as to which of the definitions or glosses actually fits the context. You do not have to agree with the gloss which is assigned by the lexicons. If the current verse reference is highlighted in a lexicon, you may just look for that and accept the lexicon's choice of translation, rather than looking at all the possibilities. After a while you will figure out which lexicons are more trustworthy. But none of them makes the right translation choice all the time.
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    Along the same lines, you can also right-click on any word in the active verse, then, in the context menu that pops up, select "send verse to lexicon browser". That will open up your lexicon with only the vocabulary appearing that is in the verse. If you select one of the words in that list, the specific verse will be highlighted if it's referenced in that lexicon (e.g., BDAG which is generally quite thorough).


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