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Thread: Hebrew in the Mac editor

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    Default Hebrew in the Mac editor

    I know the editor is currently being worked on, to enable the horizontal line, for example. (Hoping for bullet points and dragging text in soon too.)

    Today I was trying to fix some notes, and the Hebrew is just killing me. See for a short clip. Copying/pasting in Hebrew screws up the entire text, changing the direction and orientation. But the RtL/LtR button doesn't seem to help anything.

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    Ack! Yup, it's a problem. We'll get to work on it. We spent quite a bit of resources getting it to work with non-Unicode Hebrew. In my tests yesterday it looks like with Unicode Hebrew you can't start a line in Hebrew and then change into English mode and continue.

    In other words, this will work:

    English English English UHebrew UHebrew UHebrew English English

    ...but this will not work:

    UHebrew UHebrew UHebrew English English

    Both of the above, however, should work with non-Unicode Hebrew.

    I'll keep you posted. Thanks for bearing with the continued repairs.

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