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Thread: ben Chayyim Hebrew text (Bomberg 1525-1526)

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    Default ben Chayyim Hebrew text (Bomberg 1525-1526)

    Friends at BibleWorks,

    I would like to request an electronic text of Ben Chayyim for BibleWorks. As far as I know there is no e-text, unless Trinitarian Bible Society (London, England) has one. So that is probably the reason it's not available at this point. PDFs are freely available on the web (images). A paper edition of Ben Chayyim text is available from TBS. This is the text published by Bomberg in 1524-1525. It was used as the basis for the Old Testament in most/many/all (?) of the Reformation-era Bible translations.

    Thank you for considering this. If anyone else would like to see this Hebrew text in BibleWorks, please speak up.

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    Default Yep

    I'd like this text in BibleWorks as well. Thanks for requesting it.

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    Yes indeed.

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