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Thread: Revisting Greek transliteration...

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    Default Revisting Greek transliteration...

    Dear Friends: Hope all is well. I want to elaborate a bit of my previous post about BW10 and Greek transliteration. Is there a way in BW10 to access a Greek transliteration text? I realize this could be done with a (separate) keyboard program, but I wondering if there are any options in BW10. As someone who teaches undergraduates and adults in a local church, it is very helpful to have easy access to a transliterated Greek text. As I understand, there is already one available in BW10 for the Hebrew text.

    I'm just interested--for those using BW10--in ways to use a Greek transliterated text (or words) in handouts , PowerPoint presentations, etc.
    Thanks much.

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    Default The GRT (Transliterated LXX/NT)

    Using BW9, I have the GRT (Transliterated LXX/NT) as a version in my English texts. I don't recall if it came with the base package or if it is user-created, but that should suit your need, if I read your request correctly.

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    The transliterated Greek NT is a user database. Here is a link to it:
    Greek Bible Transliterated (Jim Darlack)
    Mark Eddy

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    The GRT works well enough, but it uses the BWSymbs font, a non-Unicode font.
    Almost all the characters (except long vowels?) map directly to any Unicode font, however.
    In the past, I've used the unimacros.txt file supplied by BW to create a macro that converts everything to Unicode, but it no longer runs in Word 365/2013.
    The easiest alternative is to do a search replace for:
    (the long e in BWSymbs) with ē (the Unicode form)
    (the long o in BWSymbs) with ō (the Unicode form)
    Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman
    Glatfelter Professor of Biblical Studies
    United Lutheran Seminary at Gettysburg & Philadelphia -
    Biblical Studies and Technological Tools

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    Default Many thanks...

    Many thanks for your suggestions. Very insightful and helpful.

    Best to all,

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