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    Default Standard Hebrew and Greek versions

    Hello everyone,

    I'm quite new to doing a deeper study of the original languages of Scripture. I wanted to know what were the standard and most used Hebrew OT and Greek NT versions available on Bibleworks for reading and exegesis? I can't seem to find the answer to this through a forum search. I suspect the NA28 might be the standard version for the Greek NT.

    Any other helpful tips and additional basic information when it comes to the different Hebrew and Greek versions available in Bibleworks would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Yes, the NA28 (in BW10; or NA27 in BW9) is the standard Greek text. Look in the BW Help for "Bible Version Abbreviations" to find all the texts in which it is used. (AGNT/M, BGT/M, GLT/M, GNT/M, NA27, NA28). The UBS4 is esentially the same text.
    • The argument in NT circles is whether to go with the NA28's eclectic text or with a diplomatic text based on an actual manuscript (e.g., Westcott & Hort's=WHT/M based primarily on Vaticanus) or the text reflected in the majority of manuscripts which tend to be later but also underly the KJV (cf. Robinson-Pierpont's Byzantine text = BFT/M or BYZ/M). In most academic circles, scholars start with the NA28.

    Note that some of those also contain the 'standard' Septuagint text by Rahlf's though it is not a critical edition. The Stuttgart addon get you the newer edition with corrections by Hanhart, but the text is nearly the same. (Cf. HERE for more info.)

    For the Hebrew, the Westminster Leningrad Codex is the starting point. In BW, it's available as BHS or WTT (and WTM).

    For more info than you may want, I do have a summary of "Best Resources for Original Language Bible Study" on my web site.
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    Hi Mark,

    I appreciate your post which was concise and most helpful. The additional resource link was also great and am glad to see that several of the resources are available on BW10. My goal in the end is to be able to read the OT and NT in Greek and Hebrew without always needing the English translations. Thanks again.


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