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Thread: Why is this hebrew keyboard layout different from how I type into bible works?

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    Default Why is this hebrew keyboard layout different from how I type into bible works?

    Looking on google images I see a lot of layouts like this
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    But that is different from my one.

    When I type into bible works 7

    I type left square bracket for Ayin

    For me, C produces a Tzaddik

    For me, J produces a Tet

    For me, X produces a Het

    That's different from the layouts I see on google.

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    Here is my take:
    Keep in mind BibleWorks is older, much older than Google and their Hebrew keyboard was first implemented before most English versions of MS Windows were able to handle Hebrew. Back then every program have there own truetype Hebrew fonts and keyboard lateouts. It, was durning that time that BibleWords implemented an easy way for students of the Bible to type in Hebrew, who were not nessiarly familiar with the israeli keyboard. Now, days of course most use the israel keyboard when typing in Hebrew.

    Now here is advice I have given in the past:

    By default the command line keyboard changes to match the current search version.
    Also, the Hebrew/Greek keyboards used by Bibleworks are mapped the the standard US English key board.
    So, be careful about changing the keyboards because not every keyboard has all the functions or characters that BW uses.
    (but, now there are code insertion buttons so you do not need to worry about my warning.)

    Here is what I think you can do:

    In very old versions of Bibleworks (version before version 8)

    1. Click open Keyboard Layout Dialog
    2. Select "Automatically"
    3. Chose the XXX Language (not the XXX language Layout)
    4. exit
    5. select WTT as you search version

    In BibleWorks 8 and later (even version 10)

    1. Select tools
    2. click on Options
    3. Click open Flags
    4. Under Flags Click Command Line Configuration Options
    5. Check off the use Israeli Keyboard on the command line option.


    Searching and Typing in Hebrew

    Typing Hebrew in the Search w/ Vista and BW8
    Brian K. Mitchell
    חפשו בתורה היטב ואל תסתמכו על דברי

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