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Thread: Helpful BibleWorks Tips

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    Default Getting more out of secondary results windows

    Just in case you use secondary results windows and didn't know about these features:

    If you right click just below the window bar, you should receive a menu offering the following options:

    Show Current Verse
    Show buttons
    Show Outline Heading
    Show Browse Listboxes
    Show Command Line
    No Results Window Header
    Disable Auto-Info Window
    Use Short Results Window

    If you choose Show Command Line you can navigate to any passage of Scripture, just as from the commandline, enter search limits, do full Command Line searches (only negative is there is not a separate verse list window available to secondary RWs -- if you want that you should clone)

    The buttons allow you to toggle between browse and multiple-version mode, choose display versions (but you can do this directly from the command line if you have that option turned on), show Strong's numbers, turn the Auto-Info
    window on/off, show verse notes, and open the copy center.

    Hope this is helpful to someone.

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    Default Changing scripture references in Parallel Windows

    Here's a tip for moving from one Scripture passage to another when using Parallel Windows.

    Rather than using the spin buttons that move a book, chapter, or verse at a time, you can open the Popup-Copy (Ctrl+Shft+B) and it brings up a Command Line in which you can enter the reference to which you want to move.

    Another way that involves a few more clicks, but is still much better than the spin buttons is to right-click at the top of one of the parallel windows and choose Show Command Line, this allows you the same access to a command line.

    Another tip on Parallel Windows:
    Sometime I want to look at an OT text in one window and a NT text in the other (or a similar parallel configuration). However, the Parallel Windows (PWs) by default both move to the same passage. This can, however, be easily changed.

    1. Right click at the top of the PW you do not want to change.
    2. You must have "Show Outline Heading" turned ON.
    3. At the far left of the Outline heading is a small box with an X in it. Click in the box to remove the X.
    4. The X indicates whether that PW is synced with the other parallel window(s) beside it.
    5. Now that you've turned off the X in the one PW, go to the other and right click at the top of it.
    6. Turn on the Show Command Line option.
    7. Type into the command line the second passage you would like to look at.
    8. You should now be able to view two (or more) different passages in parallel windows.

    Normally when I do this I uncheck all the X boxes to remove all syncing.

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    Default Bump

    bumping...would like to see this thread get more input now that BW6 has been out longer.

    I've said this in another post, but i always open the Display Query Info from the ASE (the little wrench at the top) to include a little summary of the query for when i want to use it later and then save the query. That's been helpful for me. I also use this function whenever i save any ASE queries posted to these forums.

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