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Thread: Bagster's Daily Light

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    Default Bagster's Daily Light

    Only the Zoom and Options buttons work in the Daily reading.

    The other buttons are inoperable.


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    Default Still not working

    The buttons still are not operational as of 8/20/15.


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    HI Gilbert,

    I am unable to reproduce this problem on my system. You will want to contact Customer Service to see if they can help to identify the problem.

    Just so you know, BibleWorks employees do not always follow the threads in the forums. Program errors should be reported directly to BibleWorks, as the forums are not a tech support avenue for us. The forums are designed to enable BibleWorks users to interact with one another, but not to report program errors. We want you to be able to get timely response for the problems you are experiencing, but you may not receive a response if you report program erros on the forums.

    Glenn Weaver

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    Default Thanks Glenn!

    Appreciate the response!


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    Default Problem Fixed!

    Hello everyone.

    The problem with the Bagster's was a scaling problem.

    It has been fixed.

    Thanks to the BibleWorks Staff.


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