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    Question Word trees

    Afternoon all,

    I was wondering whether anyone had found a 'word tree' feature in BibleWorks.

    Obviously the 'analysis' tab on the right shows the origin of a word by Strong's number (for example, God's name 'Yahweh' [03068|יהוה] (most often translated in the AV as 'LORD'), which is stated as being built out of the word 'hayah' [01961|היה] (most often translated 'to be' in various tenses)). However, there does not seem to be a feature that shows word relationship 'horizontally' - that is, two 'sibling' words side-by-side that originate from the same root.

    Is there any way of seeing these kind of relationships?

    Many thanks!

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    The Brown, Driver, Briggs Hebrew lexicon lists its words according to its determination of the basic root words underlying them. So, if you look up a word in the lexicon browser, just scroll through, and you will see what verbs, nouns, etc. BDB thinks are related.
    If that is not what you are seeking, what format would you like to see for these related words? I have been working on a database of Hebrew synonyms for many years, which (in part) does what you seek. But I am many years from completing this work.
    Mark Eddy

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