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Thread: Copying PDF text into MS Word?

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    Default Copying PDF text into MS Word?

    I've heard that there is a way to take a PDF and copy-and-paste the text into MS Word (or another word processor). I've tried this with some of the PDFs I currently have, and haven't had any luck.

    This leads me to believe that either (a) what I heard was incorrect, and this is impossible, (b) the PDF needs to be created in a specific way for this to work, or (c) I need a specific version of Acrobat. Can anyone help?

    What I have is some paper documents that I'd like to scan, but be able to "play with" the text in a word processor. How can I do this? What software do I need?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Surely there is:

    I use Foxit Reader (although Acrobat should have this as well), and you have to choose the tool "Select Text". With it you can select text and then copy it - see below the picture, the icon marked with red box. You have to be aware though that some texts are copy protected and won't allow copying. Finally, other texts aren't really texts at all, but merely pictures of a text (scanned pages). There you cannot select anything unless you "recognize" the text in it - there are tools for that, even apparently free online ones (search google for "ocr"). Hope this helps!

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