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Thread: problem with 6.0.011T

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    Default problem with 6.0.011T

    I downloaded the latest patch of 11t from 11s and the first think I noticed was that the text highlighting popup wasn't working. It comes up but the window is too small and doesnt allow you to enlarge, so you aren't able to press OK to execute the highlighting command. I went back to 11s and it was working again.


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    Default Yes

    Yes I am seeing the same thing here.

    I emailed the folks @ BW. When you have a bug like this or some kind of error that is the best course of action. Email
    Joe Fleener
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    thanks joe,

    I will remember that in the future, I appreciate it


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    Default Colorizer Problem

    Hi Alan,

    I briefly posted a new exe yesterday with some colorizer changes but quickly (in 10 minutes) withdrew the change. You may have gotten the first file and need to grab the update again, which should revert to the old behavior. If the problem continues let us know.

    God bless,

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    i downloaded the latest update of 11u, and before that updated the newest 11t but it still isn't working so im back to using 11s for now, but i greatly appreciate your help and effort


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