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Thread: Count of non-bracketed words in NA28?

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    Question Count of non-bracketed words in NA28?

    I'm not sure of the purpose, but one of our professors at GCTS asked me for the number of words in the Greek New Testament (NA27 or NA28) excluding those words that are within brackets. The NA28.bww file states easily enough that there are 138,013 words in the NA28, but is there a simple way to eliminate (or count) those words that are found within brackets? (I would want to exclude both single word/short phrase brackets and multi-verse brackets like Mark 16:8ff.; Luke 22:43ff; 23:34ff; John 7:53ff.)

    It would make sense... perhaps... to add a code to the BW morphology that would allow one to search or exclude bracketed words... Or am I missing this feature?
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    It may be possible in the Graphical Search Engine. I've never tried it (and know very little about the GSE), but the GSE Help does contain instructions for searching on punctuation, which I assume would include brackets.

    BTW, if the prof explains why he wants this, I'd love to know. I taught seminary for 30 years, and I'm having a hard time grasp than a count of non-bracketed words in an edition. I could see asking whether bracketed words were more common in some books than others, or maybe whether some words were especially likely to be bracketed; but a raw count? Perhaps the idea is to get an idea of the minimum number of words that might appear in a complete Greek NT. But I'm sure I gave librarians (and students) some pretty goofy-sounding requests over the years myself.
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