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Thread: Net Bible Maps

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    Default Net Bible Maps

    Okay, I've been meaning to ask this question for several years and have just put it off. A couple of versions back-- maybe BW8, I can't remember exactly. It use to be that the Net Bible maps were hyperlinked. Does anyone remember that? If you were you on a verse that had map references in the analysis window, you could click on them and the NET map would pop right up. In the last couple versions of BW those maps are no longer hyperlinked.


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    I was looking in Bibleworks 10, and what you are asking, it is possible in version 10. In the Vs 1 tab open the NET Bible. When the note have links to Maps, they are hyperlinked. In the resource tab you find the NET Bible and when you open it, in the notes you have the links to the maps.

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    Default Where Are the Rest of Net Bible Maps?

    All Y'all,

    Blessings upon everyone's studies! May there be more heart knowledge as well as head knowledge of our Lord.

    Seems I remember the Net Bible option at one time had more than one map, maybe about five or six, which also provided more than one angle of view.

    We can find only one.

    We updated from 9 to 10 somewhere along the way, but hope BW10 would have MORE capability rather than less, so hopefully that's not the cause.

    Did this capability really go away? If so we'll be sad to learn that it's not just us dropping the BibleWorks ball again, if that is the case.

    While we're at it, the BW Maps toolbar button only opens BW Maps module, rather than BW Maps and Net Bible maps.

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    If you open the Net Bible Notes if Vs1 and then click on the Net Menu tab you will see an index of maps. I chose 2co 1.23 for the example below. I have shown 2 maps, but the link is to 5 different maps. Does this help?
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    Default The NET Bible Maps

    I wonder if any moderators are listening?

    As I attempt to reply to the above post I'm getting a security warning in my browser address area stating 'This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources.'

    @ jfidel,

    While I'm grateful for your response it does not really help.

    I wish to be in charge of choosing which maps I peruse, which means I'm hoping for a master list of available maps, not merely access to maps BW has chosen to associate with a verse or passage.

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    Default NET Bible Maps

    You can access all of the NET Bible maps by selecting "Resources" on the main BibleWorks menu, then selecting "Maps" and then "NET Bible Maps". This opens the maps in a viewer. A menu at the top left corner of the viewer enables you to view any of the NET Bible maps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isaiah 14:3-5 View Post
    Seems I remember the Net Bible option at one time had more than one map, maybe about five or six, which also provided more than one angle of view. We can find only one. ...
    While we're at it, the BW Maps toolbar button only opens BW Maps module, rather than BW Maps and Net Bible maps.
    Try this:
    1) In BW10, click on menu line: Resources > Maps > NET Bible Maps. This will bring up Map 1... and oddly enough it doesn't provide a menu option to access the other maps. (Somehow I think it used to be able to do this.) BUT... look at the top of the map window. It will show you where all the NET Bible Maps are stored on your system, most likely in the ... images\net subdirectory of your bibleworks10 directory. Opent that directory and you can see them all.

    2) In BW10, click on Vs1 or Vs2 tab in the Analysis Window (right window). In the first dropdown, choose NET Bible. Now click on the NET Menu next to it, and in the dropdown, choose Map Note Index. This won't give you a list a maps, but it will tell you where all the verses with maps linked to them are located.

    As for the other comments:
    • The NET Bible Maps are integrated with the NET Bible translation. BW never treated them as an individual module.
    • The BW Maps toolbar is not a maps index button, but is simply a link to the BW Maps module.
    • If you have BW 10, they have now included the ESV Concise Bible Atlas. (I do recommend getting the full atlas. It's excellent, but this concise version includes all the maps.) So, from the menu line: Resources > Maps > ESV Concise Bible Atlas. Then click on Map Index. Everything is listed there.
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    The NET Bible maps viewer windows lists "NET Bible maps" in the upper left corner of the viewer, right under the listing of the path of the image. The words "NET Bible maps" is a menu. Clicking on this menu lists all of the NET Bible maps. Click on them to display the map.

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    Default Net Bible Maps

    There they are! Thanks guys.

    On the second issue, 'this page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources,' did I miss something?
    Assuming I did not, I the text below is copied from Chrome's notes:

    Fix the error "This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources"

    If you're getting "This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources" error, it's because Chrome is trying to protect you from a site that's not secure to make sure your information on the page doesn't fall into the wrong hands. If this happens, in the address bar you'll see a shield .
    Override alert

    Although not recommended, you can choose to override the alert for the page by clicking Load unsafe script. Chrome will refresh the page and load its content, including any insecure content. To show that the page isn't fully secure, the address bar at the top will show https crossed-out in red: .
    Block certain web content

    You can choose to block certain types of web content, such as JavaScript and images, for all sites by visiting your Settings page. See more information on adjusting your web content settings.
    Find problem scripts on your site

    If you’re a web developer, you can see the unsecure scripts found on your site: In the toolbar at the top, click View > Developer > JavaScript Console. Code that's not secure or bad extensions could cause problems.

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    WRT the "scripts from unauthenticated sources" issue, I use Opera as my browser, and for some weeks now, or maybe a couple of months, it has been reporting something similar: a slashed-circle symbol appears on the line with the forum URL, and if I click it I get the message "Blocked insecure content. Opera has blocked content on this page that comes from insecure sources." If I click the Learn more button, I get a page that says:

    If you are browsing on an encrypted connection (https://), Opera checks to ensure that all parts of the site are encrypted. If Opera detects that any live elements of the page, for example scripts, plugins, or frames, are being served by an open connection (http://), it will block the insecure content. This means parts of the page may not display properly.

    Opera advises against allowing insecure content to load into an encrypted connection. The best way to protect your sensitive information is to interact only with secure content. When Opera detects insecure content and blocks it, a warning will appear in the right side of the combined address and search bar.

    If you do not care about the security of your connection with the site, you can click the warning to show an Unblock button. This button will allow the blocked content to be loaded onto the page, and the security badge will change to show an open padlock, reminding you that you've allowed insecure content to display on an encrypted connection.

    So it sounds like Chrome and Opera are basically reporting the same issue.
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