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Thread: Mac Installer 16 is the latest? Installer 14 safer?

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    Question Mac Installer 16 is the latest? Installer 14 safer?

    My new BibleWorks 10 arrived yesterday and I'm all geared up to install it on my MacBook Air. I watched the video on Youtube regarding installing BW10 on a Mac with the USB media and there is a superimposed reference on that video (located here: ) to an updated version 14 installer located here: . Well, I have some curious habits formed from my Commodore VIC-20 days onward, so I went ahead and tried to grab versions 15 and 16 of the installer from that same server and was successful in doing so. That's where I am right now in the process.

    I thought that perhaps I might poke around a bit more to see if there are any further updates or maybe even references to anything newer than the version 14 Mac installer before I move forward with using the version 16 installer that I located using my l┬ hαKe┌ $K└ls.

    Maybe I should just go with the version 14 that was designated in the video?

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    Exclamation Oh wow!

    I just now found the sticky at the top of this forum indicating that installer 16 is the new gold standard.

    Lucky for me that I was tucked into my recliner with a cat sleeping on my head and not out someplace where I might be a danger to the public due to my inattentiveness.

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