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Thread: What Linux program has the closest resemblance to BibleWorks?

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    Default What Linux program has the closest resemblance to BibleWorks?

    I use Linux Mint on my computer. BibleWorks is not available for Linux, so I'm wondering what the next best program is. Any ideas?

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    What would you want to do with your program?

    And have you tried any Windows emulator software?

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    after I watched dan Phillips's video on BibleWorks 10 (, several things appeal to me:
    • text anchored notes. I want to be able to create my own notes for a particular verse or a particular passage.
    • the layout of the different resources. For example Hebrew and Greek originals can be viewed side by side with the English.

    I would rather not have to use a Windows emulating software. also I'm not sure I can afford BibleWorks 10. So I'm looking for free software on Linux. but if BibleWorks would like to send me a review copy I would be happy to run Windows emulating software with BibleWorks on Linux.

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    I've never used Linux, so I have no idea about Bible software for it, but for the purposes you've mentioned you might want to try "theWord" - it's free. I am not sure there is a version for Linux, but you might try running it with some emulator.

    You'll be able to attach notes to verses and view Greek/Hebrew originals side by side with English - but the tagging of original texts is rather basic or not available for free.

    If you want to get more serious with original languages, I'd suggest Bibleworks (another option would be Accordance Original Languages collection, but in Bibleworks 10 you get much much more for additional $90).

    If you purchase it and don't like it, you can refund it within 30 days, so no review copy really needed here.

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    As a long time BibleWorks user on Windows and a long time Linux user I can say there really is nothing remotely like BibleWorks for Linux. It is possible to get BibleWorks running reasonably well under Wine in Linux. If you want a native Linux application try Xiphos or Bibletime. They both use the Sword backend which has a large number of Bible versions and other study tools.

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    Default But you can run Bibleworks in Linux...

    Here's a link for Ubuntu, but the mechanics are the same for Mint, which is easier to use; or PCLinusOS, which is more full-featured. It would also work in Fedora.

    Your Bibleworks license is per user. So if you are the person using it on Windows, and the person using it on Linux, then it's still 'one'; so you don't have to buy two copies.

    So I have Bibleworks on my Acer 8.9" netbook, and it's really clear. But it's an XP computer. So if I also install it on Linux, when I need to be online then I'll need to be online in Linux, yet still will have my Bibleworks. It's also helpful since you might need your Windows files, so instead of putting Linux on a hard drive, I do the regular install as if to an internal hard drive, but the target drive is an external hard drive or stick. So I stick the stick in my Acer machine, and suddenly at boot it's a Linux machine. With, Bibleworks.
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