I use the text coloring option to highlight repeated words and phrases. (Each word/phrase gets it's own text color/background.)

Sometimes I use the color search results option, sometimes I do it manually. Doing it manually isn't usually a problem, because I'm working with one word/phrase at at a time, so I set the default and then read the text looking for that word/phrase, then one click and it's colorized.

However, if I am proofing the text and find a word/phrase that was missed, I need to open the Apply Colors window and recreate the correct combination. At best it's several clicks, but sometimes I've used so many combinations, that the color differences are quite a bit subtle, so...which one did I use?

Is there a way to click on a previously formatted word, and then copy the formatting to "paint" on the new word? (Like Word's Format Painter) If there isn't, could there be?