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Thread: BibleWorks 10 Mac Installer 10-16 update

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    Default BibleWorks 10 Mac Installer 10-16 update

    Hello, Friends!

    We’ve posted the current BW10 Mac Installer build (10-16) and updated the following FAQs:

    The following issues were fixed:

    • Updater: EXE patches fixed
    • Underlining Greek fonts does not work in Browse Window or Editor/Notes
    • EPUB: Certain links not working. Browser control doesn't get to NavigateComplete2 or DocumentComplete2
    • Editor and Notes toolbars, when restored to full display on startup, are sized wrong
    • BYZ audio player and NA27 audio players' buttons not drawn
    • Notes and Editor Tabs: first click on the expand button bar button does not properly expand the toolbar
    • Crash after leaving the program in an idle state and OS X goes to energy save mode.
    • Immediate crash on startup. Don't flag error if multiple copies of bw1000.exe are present. Only run program files\BibleWorks 10\bw1000.exe
    • CHM windows don't remember previous size when re-opened
    • EPUB navigation arrows fixed. The prev/next page arrow buttons should be the width of the window when the epub tabs open and when the tabs are resized.

    To update to the current Mac Installer, simply follow the steps here:


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    Is there a list of changes/improvements for 10-18 that just dropped?

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