Long time BibleWorks user here that jumped ship after moving away from the Microsoft vortex and into the luxurious world of OS X. I'm contemplating purchasing the BW10 upgrade to run on two Macs and a rusty ThinkPad alongside my Accordance installs. Both Macs have 8GB of ram and i7 processors. Both run SSD drives (2 in the 17" Pro). Will I be looking at any issues running/installing BW10 on the Macs?

The ThinkPad is a T61p with 8GB ram and a 1TB disk. It sports Windows 7 Pro and I turn it on every 4-5 months to run a glut of OS updates from Microsoft, after which it generally gets put away. I don't recollect what core 2 duo chip this thing has, but I bought it with the second most powerful processor offered for this model.

Anywho, I'd appreciate any feedback on what to expect if I drop the cash to buy the BW10 upgrade. I miss using BW, but I can't really stomach Windows anymore and I'm really a UNIX/Linux leaning soul.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.