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Thread: What would you like to see in Bibleworks 11?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MWMiles View Post
    I suppose that I could try making a User Lexicon and see if the various Strong's references that come up often in study could not be shared with others.
    Here you can find what do you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pasquale View Post
    Here you can find what do you want.
    WOW! It's been a really long time that I had been wanting a real Strong's for BibleWorks and you have blessed me and other with exactly that. Thank you very much seems to not be thanks enough. I really appreciate this more than I can express. You are very kind and thoughtful.

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    Default More Comprehensive External Links to Internal BW Resources

    I'm starting to teach publicly and am setting up my web pages to display well on desktops through smartphones with each page coded by hand using BBEdit on a Mac. After each scripture reference (and some other resource references) I have added link buttons that will allow you to open that resource in various Bible software packages. Thus far I have Accordance, BibleWorks, & Logos. SwordSearcher links are next and then possibly The Sword Project. Each of these packages has the means to link to an internal resource reference from a web page or inside of a PDF file.

    It would be very nice if the BibleWorks references were more comprehensive. I got them all working that I had intended to, but to see the KJV links you have to have your BibleWorks set in Read mode with the KJV set up as the Bible version that you are reading. I cannot set ranges. I cannot access anything other than scripture references in Read mode, which beats a poke in the eye. It would be very nice to have a more comprehensive range of versatility in these links. I vote for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adelphos View Post
    The only thing you got wrong, Grasshopper, is using the leftmost tab for searches. I use the rightmost tab. Your left-to-right way is wrong; my right-to-left way is the correct one.
    Although, what Adelphos stated may seem a little harsh it is the truth(at least in my opinion). Right-to-left is more logical, as well as being the way things were in the beginning at lest according to the Hebrew Bible, where we find thing language written from right to left.
    Brian K. Mitchell
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    Default Notes Editor Automatically Recognizes Bible Verse References

    Currently, I'm still using BW9, but will buy the upgrade to BW10 this week.

    I thought that I read some where in a review that if I type 1Ti 3:15 in the Notes Editor, that the Editor would automatically create a hyperlink to 1 Timothy 3:15, but this does not work in BW9, and I have not seen that it is documented as a feature in BW10. So I would appreciate this function in BW11 because it would save me a lot of CTRL+K keystrokes. The notes editor is perhaps the number #1 reason why I purchased BW9 switching from other Bible Software tools, and I'm still glad that I made that decision. I'm looking forward to upgrading to BW10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roblotzer View Post
    I'm still working with BW 7. Poor pastors rarely upgrade unless they win the lottery. But wait, who plays that?

    I really like what Logos is doing with their propositional outlines, Lexham syntactical databases, discourse grammar (Runge), etc. But the strengths of BW keep me from spending so much money for a weaker tool. Plus, I would never use most of what comes in Logos, so BW is still where I get all my research done each week.

    What is most helpful to me week-in and week-out to prepare sermons, is to use BW to translate the text and do lexical analysis. But then I will work on the structural layout of the text. For the longest time I diagrammed the passage and use Leedy to check where I struggled through the text. I then used Beekman and Callow's Semantic Structure for tagging my diagram with semantic labels. It usually take all of Monday and some of Tuesday to get all of this done. I won't move forward until this is all complete. I want to get at the text as a whole, not just at the sentence level, but the whole paragraph and how each paragraph connects with what comes before and after to trace out the author's argument. I did all of this on Microsoft Word for years.

    Recently I came across which has completely transformed my Mondays and Tuesdays. Now I use their Phrasing Module, which allows me to phrase an entire chapter in under an hour. I can usually phrase out my text for preaching in a few minutes. Phrasing allows me to get a visual picture of the coordinate and subordinate relationships in the passage. I then use my own eclectic semantic labeling I've used for years made up of Beekman and Callow and now Guthrie and Duvall's Biblical Exegesis.

    I have heard some argue that having the Lexham-type discourse analysis in BW would be going the wrong direction, esp. since it is often too subjective. This is silly. Even Leedy's Diagrams have subjectivity. If you get a thoughtful scholar to provide us with his semantic labeling throughout the NT it would give us a place to check our work or at least see where we are going wrong in especially difficult passages. I double check Leedy all the time. Sometimes I disagree with a syntactical argument he makes but majority of the time he either corrects some mistake I made or helps me work through a particularly difficult passage.

    At times, I am tempted to covet what Logos is doing and wish BW would pursue some of this work. I realize there are limits but I would really like the next BW to think in this direction and provide some tools similar to those at for a future BWs. BW has always excelled at the sentence level. But, unless something major has changed with the updates I don't know about, we still could use some tools for working at the paragraph level. Some work in discourse analysis and semantic labeling would be helpful for reference. I think if BWs were to incorporate this is their new version, it would leave what Logos is doing in the dust.

    Anyway, that is my 2 cents.

    Just reading through the list of ideas for BW11 so a little behind but this suggestion tops the list for me. I see that a couple of others have already sounded their approval for this, some tools similar to those at would be awesome!

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    Default G/K numbers!

    For BW 11: Goodrick/Kohlenberger numbers! Strong's, amazing as it is, is based on the KJV, and on outdated linguistic models as well. I would think that G/K (which has been around for, what, 25-30 years now?) would be the path of the future for those who use such tools. I don't know, perhaps Zondervan's copyright is an obstacle?
    David Rensberger
    Atlanta, Georgia

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    Quote Originally Posted by pbgroover View Post
    Just reading through the list of ideas for BW11 so a little behind but this suggestion tops the list for me. I see that a couple of others have already sounded their approval for this, some tools similar to those at would be awesome!
    Add me also to the list of those expressing their approval for this. I wasn't familiar with Biblearc before this, but in my 10 years of having Bibleworks one of the (few) criticisms I've had is that it can easily make a person atomistic in their exegesis, whereby they lose sight of the forest for the trees. Keeping the big picture in mind is a necessity, and discourse analysis and pericope-level analysis is the key to this. The addition of the browse tab in BW8 definitely helped some, but this suggestion would really make BW shine.

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    Default A couple ideas

    • Resources
      • SBL Apparatus (I know it's available but it would be nice to have it in the verse tab of the analysis window with the others)
      • syntax -- as an alternative to morphological searches for syntax, which are fantastic. I'm not knocking them.
      • A High Quality Critical Commentary
      • The complete TDNT and NIDNTT (I think those are both still considered high quality)

    • This kind of highlighting
    • Search verse notes from commad line
    • change the background color behind the text, if it looked like a manuscript that would be cool.
    • shortcut key to sync analysis window browse tab
    • More than just the analysis tab in the parralel versions window
    • McDonald transcriptions for the browse window or something that would go along with the sentiment for more than just stick diagramming maybe even other resources to double check our work against. Something for semmantic diagramming would be nice to add to the syntactic diagramming already included.
    • A couple graphical search templates to get us started
    • A way to bookmark resources that are being read.
    • Is there a book that could be added to the x-ref that would list references to that verse from other ancient literature?
    • Faster searches. Just kidding.

    BibleWorks is an amazing program and provides stunning resources and features at an incredibly low price. If you don't believe me look at the competition. Thanks for all you do BW.

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    Default Stacked and split windows

    Just got BW10 and noticed they didn't improve the window arrangement functionality.
    I would like to be able to split my analysis window, and stack the second one under the browse window.
    Search Window Browse Window Analysis Window
    " " 2nd Analysis Window " "

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